[Investment] Apple tree (Akane)

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[Investment] Apple tree (Akane)

Apple trees are trees of the botanical genus Malus and of the Rosaceae family, whose fruit is the apple. This genus includes some forty species of trees or shrubs, the most important of which, in terms of human food, is the domestic apple tree (Malus domestica). Today, more than 20,000 varieties (subspecies and cultivars) are known. Although all apple trees produce flowers and apples, species grown only for ornamental purposes are often referred to generically as ‘flowering apple’ or ‘ornamental apple’ when they bear small, decorative fruit. Some species and cultivars are called crabapples in French-speaking North America.

Invest in plots of “Akane” apple trees and receive the money from the sale a few months later !

Automatic renewal of plots to guarantee a regular income !

Availability : All year (the apple trees already exist and the contracts and agreements are negotiated year-round with the growers)

Available plots : 0/100

Profitability : Variable (from 1% to 15% per year)

REMINDER : Crowdgrowing is not a short-term or speculative investment. Above all, it means helping producers so that they can develop. By doing crowdgrowing, you accept the risks associated with agriculture (bad economic times, bad harvest, pests, climatic problems, …) with the aim of gradually creating an online farm by acquiring more plots.

Plantfarm is still in Beta phase. We are experimenting with crowdgrowing on the French and European market. Our long-term ambition is to create an ethical crowdgrowing that helps producers. We fight against online scams. Do not believe platforms that promise you unsustainable long-term returns. Invest in responsible and sustainable crowdgrowing.

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Akane (red in Japanese) is a domestic apple cultivar.
Apple cultivar obtained in Japan in 1937.

From the cross ‘Jonathan’ x ‘Worcester pearmain’.

Diploid, s-genotype s7s24

This cultivar has been used as a resource for the creation of new varieties : Delorgue, Pomme des Moissons®, Delrouval, Delshel, …

The Akane apple is a small to medium apple. Its fine yellow skin streaked with red covers a white flesh, crunchy, juicy, acidulous close to that of Jonathan with the light strawberry flavor of ‘Worcester pearmain’.

The ‘Akane’ apple tree is hardy but of low to medium vigour. Erect, it is not very fertile. It is suitable for warm regions because it does not need long winter exposure to cold.

Its susceptibility to apple scab and fire blight is moderate. It is high in powdery mildew and rust2. This variety is therefore not particularly recommended for small family gardens.

Flowering group: B (early season).
It reaches full bloom 3 days after Golden Delicious and is therefore pollinated by Golden Delicious, Reine des Reinettes or Idared.

Akane flowers around the end of April but needs less than 4 months (110 days) to mature. It is therefore harvested in mid-August and can be kept until the end of April.

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