Below are the most frequently asked questions about Plantfarm.

Plantfarm is a crowdgrowing platform that connects people with plant businesses looking for financing. Our platform gives you the opportunity to earn money by helping small businesses in the plant industry expand and improve. The aim of the project is to create a large European platform with a large choice of plants so that everyone can become a plant producer on the Internet and help small productions.
Create a grower’s account on https://plantfarm.eu Examine the differences between the plants you can grow, choose the right type of plant for you, select how many plants you want to have, and you’re good to go.
There are two answers to this question. First, we are a platform that connects people to plant businesses looking for financing. We manage projects in the plant industry, as well as producing and selling our own products under a Plantfarm brand. Second, we try to make plants accessible to everyone. The plant industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, but it’s an industry where only the rich can thrive. We aim to change that by making plants accessible to anyone around the world. Our platform helps you grow lplants without having to apply for expensive licenses or to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.
Plantfarm belongs to Nokenchain. Nokenchain was founded back in 2019, but our CEO had already founded a plant business in 2012. At first he produced sprouted seeds and dried fruit. The Nokenchain team expanded in 2019, with the creation of a development team. That was the moment when we brought our idea to life and created the Nokenchain platform. Plantfarm has been created in February 2021. Nowadays, our team consists of experienced professionals as well as beginner talents.
Well, you’re already going through our FAQ section, so the best way to learn more about us would be to either : Download our whitepaper. Go to our contact page - https://plantfarm.eu/contact Follow us (Nokenchain and Plantfarm) on social networks.
Although we do not grow the plants ourselves, we partner with plant growers and processors, some of our team members are expert growers. These team members help us select our partners and review their business plans and growing processes.
We started the business in France in 2012. Then, in 2021, we thought of developing a platform for people just like us. People who want to grow plants but are not millionaires. We knew the crowdgrowing system at the beginning of 2021 and decided to appy it for plants. Now we can fulfill our dreams and solve the problems of many plant producers and would-be growers around the world, thanks to our partners.
Some producers agree and others don't. The best is to contact them directly.
Each of our partners has his own distribution. Our priority market is Europe. You can find out more in our whitepaper.
The minimum funding is of €51. You have a choice of differents plants. You can start a profitable contract for only €51 and by 3-4 months you will receive your first share from selling plants right into your wallet.
You get the first returns on your funding in as little as 3-4 months from purchasing a plant, depending on the plant.
The average profitability depends on the plant. In our online store, you will learn more about which varieties can be grown and how profitable each of them is.
We are always open to new collaborations. If you are a blogger or an influencer and you have a marketing/advertising offer for us, you can email us at contact@plantfarm.eu If you want to talk about financing or material assistance for the project, email us at contact@plantfarm.eu For sales, distributions, wholesalers, and ambassadors can contact us at contact@plantfarm.eu For partnership proposals (we’re looking for dispensaries, production, supply, and everything in between) email us at contact@plantfarm.eu If you’re interested in working with us, email us at contact@plantfarm.eu If you’re a plant startup looking to join the platform, email us at contact@plantfarm.eu
The aim of the project is to create a large European platform with a large choice of plants so that everyone can become a plant producer on the Internet and help small productions.
We want to have as many plants as possible, but we prefer small plants for the start.
When it comes to fiat currencies (EUR, USD, CHF, ...), then you are liable for taxes from the profits and should consider the deposits as a part of your tax base too. The Plantfarm platform works with Euros, so if you choose this type of deposit, then it’s solely your responsibility to pay taxes by the end of the day. However, when it comes to profits and deposits in cryptocurrency, they are equal to products according to the EU legislation. That means that cryptocurrencies are no different from cars, veggies, books and other goods from the EU law perspective. Therefore, you are obliged to pay taxes only if you decide to sell crypto-assets for fiat currency. Our Plantfarm customers with cryptocurrency deposits do not need to declare and consider them as a part of their tax base. This capital is not taxable. It’s us who is liable for taxes from yields after selling plants to the markets. Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that Plantfarm platform uses Euros for all transactions between users and partners. That means, that your deposits in crypto will be automatically converted into Euros on the platform according to the actual exchange rate. When you decide to withdraw your profits, you can do that in crypto as well, however we calculate in euros. Both operations – deposits and withdrawals in crypto depend on the current exchange rate, which is set on hourly-basis on the website.