Dear customers,

Guillaume, the CEO of Nokena (the parent company of Plantfarm) will announce this evening 07/15th/2022 (Friday video) the availability of v3 stablenodes and investments in quantum computers (processors, photonic modules, cat qubits) on Nokenchain NET.

Regarding Plantfarm, everything is fine. The heat wave does not help producers’ productions but all is well.

Many sectors are currently affected by staff shortages, which may create some concerns for this summer.

Also, as you know, there is an increase in raw materials.

This week has been one of the most productive for Nokena, especially with the (ongoing) implementation of Nokenchain beta 5.

New plants on Plantfarm will arrive very quickly now. But with the shortage of staff (and the months of July and August when everything is slow), we ourselves need time to do things.

See you soon on Plantfarm EU for new plants !

PLANTFARM, a department of Nokena SARL

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